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Users are obliged to use the Agency’s website in a way that doesn’t damage or endanger its employees and directors.
The goal of our website is to provide you with access to the most comprehensive network of real estate products/services. Please read these terms carefully before using our website.

Identification of "STONEHARD" LTD.

Art. 1. (1) “STONEHARD“LTD. is a trading company, registered in the Commercial register of the Registry Agency with head office: Sofia, Lozenets, Yakubitsa 19, floor 5, with ¹: ‎203905751, tel.: +359 2 9 11 55; e-mail: info@stonehard.co.uk.

Art.1. (2) „STONEHARD“LTD. is registered as Personal Data Controller at the Commission for Personal Data Protection of Bulgaria with ¹ ¹ 420273/16.02.2017.
Art. 1. (3) In these terms and conditions „STONEHARD“ LTD. will be called in short STONEHARD, an/the Agency or the Company.

Terms for using the website www.stonehard.co.uk

Art. 2. (1) Terms of using the website www.stonehard.co.uk include the common conditions and policies – on privacy policy, the provided services, commercial communications, assignment of contracts and prices for the offered services, on the measures against money laundering, on cookies, on intellectual property rights and on liability, in case of non-compliance with these policies, all together governing the relationship between STONEHARD on the one hand and users visiting www.stonehard.co.uk

Art. 2. (2) Before using the informational and commercial services of STONEHARD, The Users should read the terms of use of the website www.stonehard.co.uk. The Terms are meant to protect all of our website visitors and your use of this Web Site signifies your agreement with these Terms. If you do not agree with these terms, do not use this website.

Privacy policy

Art. 3. (1) STONEHARD is registered as Personal Data Controller at the Commission for Personal Data Protection of Bulgaria with ¹ 420273/16.02.2017. The Company is a holder of personal data and information processing licence, which could connect with and could identify a certain person and which data and information is stored by the Agency through the services and the company’s activity. Personal data is processed under the terms of this Privacy Policy.
Art. 3. (2) The Privacy Policy is applicable to all web site users – these who use the services provided by the Company without registration or via subscription, and those who are registered or subscribed for these services.
Art. 3. (3) The services provided by the Company are not intended to store any personal data for users under the age of 16.
Art. 4. According to the terms of General Data Protection Regulation No 2016/679 (EU), personal data is described as:
“Any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (‘data subject’). An identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.”
Art. 5. (1) STONEHARD stores: registration information; information necessary for contracts concluding; any information from the social media that the user agree to be shared with the Company; any information about the Company’s activity when the user apply to or operate with the Agency’s service.
a) Registration information is information that the users provide to register themselves for the Company’s service, to create an own profile, to subscribe for newsletter or to make a request. The registration information could include – name, e-mail address, telephone/mobile number, permanent address, country.
b) Information necessary for contracts concluding is such one which consists of identifying data and is used for certifying the identity of the user while concluding contract, and this information could include – three names, PIN, details from ID card, correspondence address and permanent address, as well as certain categories of specific data, for example marital status.
c) Information from social media. If the users access a Company’s service through the service of a social network or if they connect a Company’s service to the service of such media/network, the Company could store also account information or user’s name connected with this service, every information or content shared between the Agency and the social media after the agreement of the user, including a profile picture, e-mail address, as well as other public data.
d) Activity information. When users access request with the services of the Company, we could collect data about those requests. "Cookies" and other similar technologies, could be used for collecting and saving information about the used company's services from your side, such as: pages you visited from our website, content you have accessed, search requests, advertisements you've seen, which information could contains: IP address, web browser type, device type data. For more information please visit our Cookies Policy.
Art. 5. (2) STONEHARD doesn’t process with personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, data concerning health or data concerning judicial records.
Art. 5. (3) The Company’s services may be connected with links to other websites owned by unrelated companies and may contain advertisement or offer content, functionality or apps created and supported by unrelated companies . The contents of these websites are not related to STONEHARD and we are not responsible for their contents.
Art. 6. (1) The personal data the Agency collect from and for the users is used for service provision by assessment, analysis and improvement of these services according to the expectations and interests of the users; to increase subjects’ satisfaction with the use of the Company’s services by providing appropriate and interesting content; to offer with the clients’ agreement a qualifying client service, to communicate with the clients to answer their requests; to send offers, promotions and other marketing communication (on e-mail, SMS, by phone call, chat or social network), connected with the provided services and products in the real estate business by the Company and other related entities and/or partners including companies under the brand of STONEHARD; after your prior agreement the Agency shall send you electronic newsletters according to you interests.
Art. 6. (2) STOHENARD could use for any goal or to share it with third parties anonymous information or information that doesn’t allow the direct or indirect identification of the user as a certain person.
Art. 7. (1) Personal data processing is necessary in regard with the provided services; in connection with the applicable law regarding the STOHENARD’s obligation to store such data; concerning the economic activity of the Agency on the grounds of the legal interests of the Company and its contractors, as the data processing is according to a strictly prescribed order.
Art. 7. (2) Each user has the right to withdraw his/her agreement for personal data processing by sending a message to the following e-mail address: gdpr@luximmo.bg.
Art. 8. Personal data is handled both automatically and manually and it's protected via appropriate security measures, taking into account the technical progress, implementation costs as well as the type, purpose and the scope of the processing. The Company establishes appropriate administrative, technical, staff and physical measures for protecting personal data which contains, from loss, stealing, unauthorized use, disclosure or modification.
Art. 9. The Agency could share personal data only for the goals of this Privacy Policy with the following categories of recipients on the territory of the European Union or out of it according to and in regard with the regulation under the terms of this section.
a) third parties providing services which process data or are obliged to process it when this is required by the existing legislation, providers of services that support or maintain the Company’s services (such as IT specialists, experts, consultants, lawyers);
b) related entities in the capacity of controllers or personal data processors;
c) competent authorities;
Art. 10. Any personal data shall not be exported without the informed agreement of the user.
Art. 11. (1) At any time each user has the right to:
- to receive a confirmation if their data exists or not, to be informed about the content and the source, as well as to check if the personal data is true and to claim for correction, actualization or change;
- to claim for deletion, anonymisation or limitation of the personal data processing if this data is processed in breach of the legislation;
- to make an objection against the personal data processing on legal basis.
Art. 11. (2) The user could send the request on the address below. The request should contains an e-mail, name, address, telephone number and to point out exactly what information want to get, change, update, hide or delete.
Art. 11. (3) The data subject could withdraw his or her consent at any time in terms of:
- receiving e-mails from us. If the data subject does not want to receive any marketing and advertisement emails in future, he or she could reject receiving such letters from us following the instructions in our mails or to send a request on gdpr@luximmo.bg;
- sharing personal information by the Agency with our relates entities for their marketing purposes. If a user prefers in the future the Company not to share their personal data with our relates entities for the purpose of direct marketing, they could reject such sharing by sending a request to the following e-mail address: gdpr@luximmo.bg.
Art. 12. STOHENARD shall keep personal data for a period of time necessary for the performance of the process purposes in the way it is described on this Privacy Policy. At the end of the period all personal data shall be removed, anonymised or aggregated.
Art. 13. STOHENARD has the right to make changes or to update its Privacy Policy for any reason (not only but including: legislation changes, explanations, indications, decisions, statements and orders connected with the existing legislation). All changes in this Privacy Policy shall be preliminary declared by publishing them on the wedsite of the Company.


Art. 14. A cookie is a small piece of data that a website asks the user’s browser to store on the computer so that the website can recognize the device. The cookie allows the website to identify and remember the IP – address from which the website is opened.
Art. 15. Cookies allow the website to identify its users. By them STONEHARD remembers the users and their preferences to recommend content that will be interested to each of them.
Art. 16. In case users prefer to refuse cookies they could decline cookies by modifying the settings in their browsers, could set the browsers to alert them before accepting cookies or completely turn off your browsers to receive cookies.
Read this for more information about cookies: Cookies Policy

Provided services

Art. 17. The Agency provides the following services: mediation for the sale – purchase of real estate properties; mediation for real estate properties rent;
Art. 18. On the website www.stonehard.co.uk users can use STONEHARD’s services and view the available properties and their prices. All offers are prepared by using information given by sellers, landlords, real estate entrepreneur, investors, real estate agencies and other parties in relation or in partnership and cooperation with STOHENARD.
Art. 19. The Company proceeds all its contractual relations in connection with the provided services by concluding a separate contract according to the type of the service and the specific agreements with each contractor. By signing such contract, each contractor agrees that the deal shall be made with the mediation provided by the Agency.

Assigning and signing contracts

Art.20. To use the intermediary services offered by STOHENARDand get acquainted with the available real estate base, Users use the website www.stonehard.co.uk.
Art. 21. The User and the Agency sign a separate contract for the order and delivery of each service provided by STONEHARD. The contract is valid from the sign date and the negotiated terms are mandatory for the sides of the contract for the validity period.
Art. 22 All contracts, agreements and annexes to contracts and agreements as well all protocols, receipts and declarations are drawn up, according to the regulations of the legislation in respect to the will of the parties, contain the usual requisites imposed in the practice and are compliant with the internal organization, the activity and acts of the Agency by conditions of complete confidentiality of the data provided and in keeping with the policy for the protection of personal data, conducted by STOHENARD.

Prices of the offered real estates

Art.23. (1) The prices of the real estates offered on this site are listed from sellers, landlords, construction developers, investors, agencies and other persons in contractual relations with the Agency.
Art. 23. (2) The prices of the offered real estates are in euro. As a rule, prices include value added tax (VAT) unless in the offer is explicitly stated. If the price is exclusive of VAT, this should be explicitly stated in the offer.
Art. 23. (3) The agency has the right to change the prices announced on the site in the offers for the offered real estates, as these changes will not affect already concluded contracts unless in the specific contract has been agreed that in case of price change, the amount of the commission fee is also proportional due from the User of STOHENARD.

Measures for money laundering

Art. 24. The Company has endorsed Inner rules for control and prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing on the grounds of art. 3(2), point 29 of Money Laundering Measures Law.
Art. 25. (1) Before establishing contractual relations the Agency is obliged to identify each client – a party of a deal. The client must sign a declaration template on the grounds of the Inner rules for control and prevention of money laundering. The declaration completing is obligatory for each client who is in commercial or in professional relations by opening a bank account or making an operation or a deal over 30 000 leva or the same amount in other currency, or making an operation or a deal over 10 000 leva available or the same amount in other currency.
Art. 25. (2) The declaration for money origin has to be filled in cases of making more than one operation or a deal which separately don’t cost over 30 000 leva or the same amount in other currency, or over 10 000 leva or the same amount in other currency, but it is known that the operations or the deals are related.

Unrequested e-communications

Art. 26. Commercial communications within the meaning of the E-commerce law are advertising or other communications presenting the services of a person who engages in commercial activity or works a regular profession. As a trading company, STONEHARD has the legal right to send unrequested commercial communications to the Users of www.stonehard.co.uk, representing offers and advertisements, newsletters and inquiries. If you consent to our Terms and Conditions, you agree to receive unrequested communications from the Agency.
Art. 27. Any User may send an electronic refusal of unrequested communications form STONEHARD and he/she is going to be deleted from our data base. The User should inform the Agency in case he/she doesn’t want the Agency to use its personal data for the purpose of the direct marketing.

Intellectual property

Art. 28. (1) All intellectual property rights over the items on STOHENARD’s website are under the protection of Bulgarian legislation and cannot be used in violation of said legislation. If the website includes items that are the intellectual property of another party, which has assigned right of use to STOHENARD, that party will be listed as the holder of the rights over that property.
Art. 28. (2) The User’s right of access to STOHENARD’s website does not include the rights to use or otherwise copy or reproduce information which is subject to protection as intellectual property unless it concerns a small volume of information that is not used in a commercial manner and in no way damages the interest of the author or rights holder.
Art. 28. (3) In case of violation of intellectual property rights STOHENARD has the right to claim compensation for all direct and indirect damages.
Art. 28. (4) When viewing or using STOHEHARD’s website Users should adhere to these Terms and Conditions, Bulgarian legislation, Internet ethics, morals and good practices. They should not damage others ‘good name and should not incite towards criminal activity, should not violate others’ rights, including intellectual property rights; the should not to call for violence against the person or to spur racial, national, ethnic or religious enmity, not to preach fascist or other anti-democratic ideology, not to violate any foreign property or non-material rights, including intellectual property rights. They should inform STONEHARD for each violation and should not obstruct attempts to identify other Users. They should not use their access in a damaging manner, for purposes other than what it is provided for, should not prevent others from accessing the website. They should not use information in STOHENARD’s databases for the formation of their own database. They should not impersonate others or mislead others about their identity. They should not violate these Terms and Conditions in any other way.
Art. 28. (5) Except when explicitly agreed, Users are not allowed to manipulate, use, delete, publish or disseminate the information on the website of STOHENARD in any way.
Art. 29. STOHENARD has the right to deactivate or delete a User account in case the User violates the intellectual property rights over the content of the website – objects of intellectual property.


Art. 30. (1) The Agency shall maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures and ensure the protection of the personal data of its Users by processing such data in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 2016/679 (EU).
Art. 30. (2) If necessary, the data protection measures are reviewed by STOHENARD.
Art. 31. (1) STOHENARD is not liable for technical issues due to Force majeure circumstances or acts of God. STONEHARD does not guarantee access at all times and may run maintenance in a timeframe of its choosing. STOHENARD is not liable for damaging content on the website’s servers.
Art. 32. (1) This website may contain links to other websites. These websites are provided for your convenience and information and as such you can use them at your own discretion. The contents of these websites are not related to STOHENARD and we are not responsible for their contents.
Art. 32. (2) STONEHARD is not liable for damages caused by errors, malware, theft, unauthorized access to personal data or damages caused by using its website or other related websites.
Art. 32. (3) In case of repeated violations of the Terms and Conditions by an user who has agreed to them STOHENARD can ban a User’s mobile device, email or IP address.
Art. 32. (4) STOHENARD is not liable for other Users’ offensive or illegal conduct of other users of the website or third-parties.
Art. 32. (5) Users are obliged to use the Agency’s website in a way that protects its doesn’t damage or endanger its employees and directors and to prevent the occurrence of such.

Additional conditions

Art. 33. The agency has the right to change at any time the terms and conditions for use of its website in the presence of legislative changes; the introduction of new rules, the need of which has arisen in the Agency's practice; the need to improve the quality of the services provided by the Agency. Any changes will be published on the official page of the website and will come into force on the day of their publication there, and from that moment it is also considered that all Users are aware of the changes that are made. It is users’ duty to check the terms of use periodically for updates.
Art. 34. All issues not regulated by the General Conditions shall be settled in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian court is competent in any dispute. In case that any clauses in these General Terms and Conditions relevant to the contracts or their annexes governing the relationship between Users and the Agency are either declared void or invalid, does not affect the validity of the contract for the rest of the contract or the contract as a whole. Invalid clauses are replaced by both parties with other valid ones, corresponding to the meaning and purpose of the contractual provisions. In the absence of agreement on their content, similar legal provisions governing similar relations apply by analogy.

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